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These are some characters I don't use or need so I'm reselling. c:
This is ALSO now my adoptables masterpost.

If any of the characters come with physical art, shipping is free.

ADOPTS(Selling Only):
$10 Alpaca:…

$8 Snail:…

$3 Panda Critter:…

Buttface'd things:…

Assorted Buy-One-Get-One Adopts:…

$50 - Barclay Ardvark (10 pieces of art, two badges not shown) NSFW:
originally a genital adopt from :linksheepdust:

$20 - Admiral Mephisto (4 pieces of art, one badge not shown) NSFW:
originally a genital adopt from :linksheepdust:

$10 - Japes (3 pieces of art):

Any of these:
ALL RIGHT. SO I'm putting my commission sheet together in preparation of opening for digital commissions and posting an ad on FA. I only have one example of an animated icon! I want another.
I'm estimating that my animated icons will start around $20 for all-original animation (not a macro all-the-same type deal) so VOLUNTEER to trade $20 of your art with meee! I would prefer if you had a commission sheet just so I can see that you had determined the value of your art prior to our trade.
I may or may not be picky (sorry, I'm looking for something fully rendered if possible) depending on how many responses I get, but I'm posting this to all of my sites and will decide uhhhh tomorrow I guess.
I will also prefer that you complete your half, first! I've had people skip out on me, before, and I don't want that to be the case just because I need an example.
If you trade me, you'll have to pick the character you want animated, and give me suggestions on what to animate them doing. I'm looking to do about 3 keyframes (if you don't know what these are it's like main poses, not including transitions to the poses). Anything more, and the price will go up.
WOW right? You know I'm usin' this to get some of my own stuff.
So yeah, "Promotion expires November 8, 2015 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Free Shipping offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases, Wall Clocks and Rugs"
Basically $5 off everything. You KNOW I'm comin' up with more stuff to add to that store in a jiffy before this goes out, 'cos damn. DAMN
You wanna click that shit? I know you do:…
STAY TUNED in the next few days and I'll keep y'all posted about new art to save on.
As you may've noticed, I've been a little inactive! It's because my boyfriend is staying with me and I'm going to stay with him very soon for about a month! I'll still art, but just slower than normal, I guess.
You are looking at the new fulltime moderator of :iconanthrofallout:! This group is great for fans of anthropomorphic animals, Fallout, post-apoc themes, and anyone inbetween! Have a look -- the group updates regularly now. c:
AZ Furries:…
Etsy:… - This doesn't have stuff in it but it will eventually. EVENTUALLYYYYY.
Annnnnnnnnnnd it's by :iconracotaco: , go give all the loves~<3
Asking here because at Fur Affinity, nobody really comments on my journals... :c


So, my Derpy sculpture, she has three accessories: mailbag, muffin, and letters. I was thinking of doing this for all the ponies, but I'm lazy, so I want to know if you all think they're great enough for me to get off my butt and make them accessories!

For my Doctor Whooves sculpture, I've got the 10th's sonic screwdriver and an... Adipony... Ponypose? Whatever, it's cute, it's tiny, and it's a quadruped adipose. His third accessory will be the 11th's screwdriver. Are you EXCITED? I want you to be. D:

By the way... If you want to watch me over at FA, you can click here:…
There are a LOT more drawings and some sculpture WIPs and assorted fun stuff, like bracelets, school projects, and art doll kits I've finished.

Hope you're having a good day,